Bearhead Lake State Park, Minnesota

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One of the things we notice was the number of cabins the campground has on site.  The are nicely spaced apart, so you get a bit of privacy, and the interiors are decorated and furnished nicely.

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There are also a few remote campsites for those who really want to get away from it all.  One of the campsites, the one pictured in the first four photos, is a canoe in campsite only.  It is located on the extreme south portion of the lake and has a picnic table and bear proof locker for food.  Restroom facilities are what you bring with you.

There are also a couple of canoe or hike in campsites, as well as hike in only sites.  We did not make it down to the hike in only, but the site in the last two photos are of canoe/hike in site.

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The main campground is nicely wooded and has fairly private sites, as indicated in the photos above.  There are a couple of different loops.  One is primarily electrical sites, and the other is mostly non-electrical.  Both camping areas do have access to both modern and primitive restroom facilities. 

Camping Etiquette

I have not put any links on the picture of the map below because I did not really have a significant number of pictures of the campground.  The next time we return, I will document the campground a much more thoroughly. 

Bearhead Lake State Park