Copper Falls State Park, Wisconsin

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Copper Falls State Park in northern Wisconsin is a nice campground situated thirty or so miles south of Ashland, Wisconsin.  The photos above were taken in late September of 2011 and the leaves were just beginning to change to falls colors.  The campground is divided into two different areas; North and South Campgrounds.

A little over half of the North Campground sites are electrical, whereas all of the sites in the South Campground are all non-electric.  There is also a nice little cabin in the South Campground.  There is only one modern shower house, and it is located at the intersection of the road leading to the South Campground.  Both camping areas have easy access to primitive restroom facilities.

About the photos shown above, they start at the entrance to the North Campground and then go south from there, ending in the far end of the South Campground.  This is my first attempt to document a campground and while I took a number of pictures, I did not cover all of the campsites. In the future, I will do a better job of identifying the campsite, or location, in the picture.  If you click on a red dot on the map below, you will see a picture of that location.

Camping Etiquette

The red arrows on the map below indicate the direction and location where photos were taken.  The map of the campground below is from May of 2012.  If you would like a more recent map, or have any questions about the campground, please follow the link below to the official website.

Copper Falls State Campground