Yellow River State Forest, Iowa

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We first visited Yellow River State Forest in Eastern Iowa August of 2005, and was only the fourth time we camped together.  True to the spirit of the Dampened Enthusiasts, when we arrived, it was pouring down rain.  We ended up staying in the back of the wagon and set up camp the following morning.  Our explorations took us to the nearby Effigy Mounds for a bit of hiking, but I don't believe we made it to either Marquette and MacGregor, Iowa, or Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin.  

The photos above are actually from our return trips in 2010.  Once in early spring and then again that fall.  There are really four different campgrounds, but we have only stayed in the Little Paint Campground.  We do have family members that have used the Equestrian Campgrounds, and we have driven through Big Paint, but that is the extent of our knowledge of the camping facilities.  I do intend on returning and documenting the facilities quite a bit more.  Just keep in mind that there are no modern restrooms or any electrical sites.  Also, if cell phone coverage is important, you will need a signal booster, or you may have to head to higher ground for coverage. 

Camping Etiquette

The red arrows on the map below indicate the location and direction that the photos were taken.  The maps below are from June 2012.  To check of updated maps, or more information about this campground, please visit the official website by following the link below.

Yellow River State Forest

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