Cornell, Wisconsin and Brunet Island State Park 2012

Mill Yard Park, Cornell, Wisconsin

July 4, 2012

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Cornell, Wisconsin is home of the only remaining pulp wood stacker.  This huge landmark still stands on the sight of the old pulp wood mill.  The operations of this wood mill have been modernized and moved across the road, but there are still a few remnants left behind as a reminder of the early days of this mill.  You can even see portions of the old flumes that the wood traveled in to and from the mill.  If you get a chance to visit this community, stop by this site and explore the history of this mill.

The Cobban Bridge

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As described in the first picture, the Cobban Bridge, constructed in 1908 by the Modern Steel Structural Company Waukesha, is a two-span Pennsylvania overhead truss type bridge and is the oldest of its kind in Wisconsin.  We came across this bridge while taking a drive from Cornell to Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.  It was interesting driving over the bridge, trying to keep the car's wheels on the planks of the bridge, while keeping the speed of the car to 5 mph.

Canoeing Around Brunet Island State Park

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Brunet Island State Park is a wonderful place to visit if you enjoy going out on the water.  The island is located where the Fisher River and Chippewa Falls River join.  With only a single bridge connecting it to the mainland, you are able to completely circumnavigate the island and it gives you the opportunity for some really interesting canoeing and fishing.  There are many different channels to navigate through, as well as some interesting small islands that you can get out and explore.  There are also a few hiking trails, starting in the campground areas, that wrap around the island and give you good access to some wonderful fishing areas.