Dolliver Memorial State Park 2010

October 22, 2010

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We were hoping to camp at Dolliver State Park this past July 4th, but unfortunately the campground was closed just days prior, due to the Des Moines River flooding the roads to the campground.   In October, there was an SCA event in Ames and we thought it would be a good time to try and get a spot at Dolliver.  As you can see by the second and third picture above, the Des Moines River is still fairly high.

Land Slides

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When we drove through the park, early in the day on Saturday, I noticed a fairly good sized land slide near the south entrance to the park.  We decided to hike down there on Sunday and on the way, we notice a couple of other areas which had experienced the same types of slide.  The first one picture in the first picture above is a slightly older one, probably happened a year or so ago.  The next five pictures show the one near the south entrance that happened, more than likely, sometime this past summer.  When we climbed up the slope, the ground was pretty solid.  The last one is along a creek feeding the Des Moines River and we could not quite figure out how long ago that one may have occurred.