Lake Darling State Park 2009

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We visited Lake Darling State Park, in south eastern Iowa, in late April of 2009.  Although they are in the middle of a lake restoration project, as seen in the pictures, the park is still a very nice place to stay.  Most campsites seem to have a good view of the lake.  We are looking forward to returning in 2010, and we are especially interested in returning in 2011 when the restoration is supposed to be complete, and the lake filled once again.  We would like to encourage people to visit the park and see the work that that is being done, and we hope that people return to the lake once the project is complete so they can enjoy the benefits of the restoration project.

The weather looks gloomy in the pictures, but the it was actually very nice.  Shortly after these pictures were taken, the sun came out and it turned into a beautiful warm spring day.  Unfortunately we did not get to enjoy it as we had to head for home.