Merrick State Park, Wisconsin

October 11, 2013

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Fall colors along the Mississippi River are always a treat.  This was our only trip to Merrick State Park in Wisconsin this year, but that was due to the weather.  With the high waters along the Mississippi, the southern campground was closed quite a bit this year.  When we did make it, the weather was a bit cool, but we still had fun.  We tried taking the boat out on the river, but ran into motor problems and ended up limping back to camp. 

Lock and Dam Number 5A

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We decided to stop by Lock and Dam Number 5A in Fountain City, Wisconsin.  We have been by it many times in the past, but never really taken time to check it out.  The lock is actually on the far side of the channel, so you do not get an up close view of boats going through, but it is still an interesting place to stop and see the river. 

Sugar Loaf, Winona, Minnesota

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One of the most prominent features overlooking the valley that Winona, Minnesota sits in is Sugar Loaf.  It is a geological structure formed in the shape of an old time sugar loaf.  We have seen it many times from below but have not attempted to climb to the top.  This time, we did a little searching around and found some "trails" that lead to the top.  By trails, I mean sand, rock, and dust paths that lead to the summit.  They are not official trails, but do get you where you want to go.  If you attempt to climb to the top, please keep in mind this is not your typical hiking trail.  You should have good foot ware, with ankle support, and be prepared for some steep and narrow slopes.