Scamp Photo Album 2008

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2 weekends at Backbone State Park, September of 2008

A side note about pulling a trailer, we learned that if you weigh the tough, before hooking it to your car, and get the weight to about 15% of the trailer weight, it does pull much better.  Keep in mind, you need to weigh it at the height it will be when hooked to the vehicle

Jay Cooke State Park, MN Tettegouche State Park, MN Whitewater State Park, MN

You may notice the funny looking panels that are placed around the camper.  These are solar panels that we use to prolong the life of the trailer battery when we are camping off the grid.  Paying attention to power conservation, we were able to make it through the week of camping without draining the battery.  Of course for a quick charge, you can connect it to your car and have the car charge the battery as well. 

Final Camping for the season of 2008

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