Scamp Photo Album 2016

Pilot Knob State Park, IA, April 15-17

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We finally got our first outing for the year at Pilot Knob State Park in Iowa.  We are a few weeks behind our usual start time due to some nasty weather, as well as projects at home.  But we finally made this weekend and had a wonderful time.  As you can see in the first picture, other campers were able to get out as well and enjoy the spring weather. 

Maintenance Reminder

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I just wanted to throw out a friendly reminder about camper maintenance, and specifically, tire maintenance.  While there are many things you want to check regularly with your camper, some of the more important things can be overlooked.  First, whenever we hook up any trailer we have, we always to a full light check prior to pulling out.  This insures all bulbs and connections are working properly.  One of us stands in the back while the other activates the various lights.  The one in back signals on with a open hand and off with a closed hand.  Prior to this trip, I had to replace the left backup bulb, and believe me, it is much easier to back in to a site at night with both of those bulbs lit.  Despite their sizes they do cast quite a bit of light.

Another point of maintenance is the tires, this includes the spare tire.  On our way to Wyalusing State Park, for the Forth of July, we ended up blowing the right tire on the Scamp.  Thankfully, I had checked all of the tires, including the spare, before we left, so when we needed it, it was ready to go.  Also, I tend to rotate the tires around once a year to try and get even tire wear.  If you look at the tire that when flat, you will see quite a bit of irregular wear.  The salesman at the tire store indicated that it could be due to a loose or worn bearing.  My plans are to get the bearings and brakes checked out when we get home.

UPDATE: We had the bearings and brakes checked.  Brakes are a little more that half worn at 34,000 miles and in good shape.  The bearings were seeping and a little loose.  Had them replaced and trailer is now in great shape for the road.  Just remember, a little maintenance goes a long way in making your trips more enjoyable and hassle free.


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While we had a jack and factory lug wrench in the tow vehicle, I always like to add the cross bar lug wrench.  First, it has a couple of different size sockets for different sized lug nuts, and secondly, it's design offers a great way to get extra leverage to break the lug nuts loose, as well as a way to spin them off and on relatively easily.  I have two different kinds.  The first is the traditional wrench and I usually leave that in the Scamp, and the second is a foldable one that I leave in the tow vehicle.  Both work really well, but the traditional wrench has a bit deeper sockets for lug mounts that may be a bit deeper. 

Wyalusing State Park, WI June 30 - July 4

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Another wonderful Forth of July spent at Wyalusing State Park in Wisconsin.  One of these years we will finally settle on a site here, but many of the sites offer such different and drastic views.  This one has a nice view of the valley, while giving a bit more of a view over the park and the trails behind the park.  The pictures of the campsite show how the camper, outdoor living tent, and vehicle can all be arranged in such a small area to give you the best viewing possibilities.

I also want to mention that on this trip we came up with a new design for the bed that will best utilize the space for storage, give us better access to the storage wells beneath the bed, as well as providing us a better view out the back from the bed when the project is complete  That will be happening shortly, and I will post the pictures of the redesign and the final layout as well.

Wallace State Park, MO July 15 - 17

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This weekend, we were back in Missouri for another SCA related event and needed a campground to stay in.  We found Wallace State Park fairly close to the SCA site location and decided to try it out.  We arrived extremely late, but the Scamp backed into the site easily, and within thirty minutes or arrival, we were safely tucked in.  I also wanted to point out the really nice picnic table set up with a roof for shelter and a shelf for cooking storage.  Just a note, the AC unit really came in handy this trip. 

Continued LED Experiment

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About this time last year, I drug out my old military surplus flashlight, the one on the left, and also purchased a second military replica flashlight, the one on the right.  I have always liked this design, but the major drawback was the light was not as bright as I would have liked, and they seemed to drain the battery after only a limited use.  This year I did a little searching and found replacement LED bulbs designed for these types of flashlights (two cell battery compartment with incandescent bulbs).  I found the bulb pictured above and it is designed to replace, not just the military style that I like, but other two cell battery units as well.  I tried them out for the first time and was truly amazed at how well they worked.  Now they won't be as bright as flashlights that already come with LED bulbs, like the headlights that many people use, but they are still extremely bright.  I actually shone it in the woods around our campsite and was amazed at how much it lit the area up.  Also, it won't drain the battery nearly as bad as the original bulbs.  The bulbs are rated for ten years or one hundred thousand hours of service, and the batteries are supposed to last nearly ten times longer.  I will let you know how they work, but right now, they are a big thumbs up in my book. 

Castle Mound Campground, Wisconsin July 22 - 24

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This weekend we were back in Wisconsin, near Black River Falls.  We arrived late in the evening, had a bit of a difficult time figuring out the campsite arrangement, but eventually had it work out.  If we had planned to spend more time around camp, I would have moved the Scamp by hand to arrange it around the campfire and picnic table a little better, but unfortunately it was humid, hot, and rainy, so when we were not in Chippewa Falls, we were hanging in he comfort of the camper.

Jackie and Buddy - New Member of the Scamp Family

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I was contacted by two new members of the Scamp family and shared a wonderful E-mail conversation about their new Scamp, their first adventures, as well as their impressions of the Scamp.  Like us, this was their first "RV", as they were stepping up from tent camping.  They picked their new Scamp at the Scamp Dealer/Manufacturer in Backus, Minnesota, then began to explore the North Shore of Lake Superior.  A wonderful way to start your Scamping experience. 

Bed and Storage Remodel

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Here is the final redesign of the new bed and storage area.  It took a good day to complete the remodel/redesign, but it really came out looking good in the end, as well as being extremely comfortable.  I was only going to raise it eight inches, but I did not take into consideration the thickness of the plywood.  I did remember when I could have resolved the issue, but I thought I would just go with it and see what happens.  As you can see, the storage under the bed is much more usable.  We can store items on the left of the right on the old original seats, and the items in the middle will actually stay put during transport, since I built a lip at the front.  I will be adding a door and some form of step to make getting in and out of the bed easier. 

Floyd County Fairgrounds, August 18 - 21

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Toward the end of August, we were back at the Floyd County Fairgrounds in Iowa for a Medieval Re-enacting event.  While the Scamp clearly does not fit into the theme of the event, or Middle Ages, we use it because we are usually heavily involved in working the event and taking the time to set up the covered wagon just for a couple of days is exhausting.  The event is actually on the other side of the barn, so it is hidden and out of the way.  By using the Scamp, it gives us the ability to focus on the event, the site, and our guests. 

McIntosh Woods State Park, IA September 2 - 5

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Labor Day Weekend this year, we changed things up a bit.  Last year, we stayed home and relaxed, the year before we stayed in our favorite local site, and this year, we decided to try McIntosh Woods State Park in Ventura, Iowa.  We even drug the canoe out for a little bit this trip.

Tettegouche State Park, MN September 24 - October 1

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Our fall trip this year took us back to the North Shore of Lake Superior, back to the first campground that we had an extended camping trip; one full week.  Tettegouche State Park in Minnesota and usually we get to enjoy the change to fall colors, but this year, the weather was such that the falls colors only lasted four days, rather than the week to ten days they usually last.  One bonus with the park this years is that they have added electrical hook ups to a number of the sites.  While we do not mind boondocking, in the fall and the spring, we do require a bit more electricity to stay warm.

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