Scamp Photo Album 2017

Pilot Knob State Park, IA, April 13-16

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Chomping at the bit to get out this year, but we made it Easter weekend.  Tried to get out earlier, like March, but that did not work.  We had a good time and the Scamp helped us with the chilly weather.  Well, chilly except for Sunday, the day we went home that is.

Pulpit Rock Campground, Decorah IA, April 22 - 24

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This was our first trip camping to Decorah, Iowa, and we found a lovely city campground called Pulpit Rock.  We arrived, in the middle of the night, "blind" (no reservation), but we found a good site.  First one had an issue with the electrical, but the campground people helped us find another site with working electric.  One of the reasons I really love the Scamp.  Even if you don't have an electric hookup, it's no problem, boondocking works really well.

Dolliver State Park, IA May 5 - 7

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Camping at Dolliver State Park with friends and family.  We missed the trip here last year because we were up along the North Shore of Lake Superior.  Very beautiful weekend with wonderful weather.  Kept the windows open and enjoyed a nice gentle breeze all weekend. 

Wyalusing State Park, Wisconsin, July 4, 2017

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Back to our usual Forth of July spot, Wyalusing State Park in Wisconsin.  Beautiful long weekend, with wonderful weather.  Only had to use the AC a couple of times in the warmest part of the day, otherwise, a very wonderful trip.  Even really enjoyed the new, redesigned, bed that was first conceived on this trip last year. 

Wallace State Park, Missouri, July 14 - 16, 2017

We took another trip to Wallace State Park in Missouri this year, and I really do enjoy the park.  We have stayed here a couple of times, while we are attending activities outside the park,  but yet nearby.  I am planning next year to spend a little more time in the park exploring the trails, and maybe even taking in the nice little swimming hole they have.  One thing I really do enjoy about our Scamp, especially in July in Missouri is the air conditioning unit.  It may not be "camping", but it make the trip much more pleasurable. 

Pilot Knob State Park, August 4 - 6, 2017

We spend the weekend in Pilot Knob State Park, a short jaunt from home, but a chance to get away for a bit.  The Scamp continues to work well as it was easy to set up here, could pull in from the side, and it fit into the divot in the campsite quite well.  Still needed to use the front step, but it is strange stepping into the camper at a downward angle.

Macintosh Woods State Park, IA September 1 - 4

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We spent another Labor Day weekend in Macintosh Woods State Park in Iowa.  The site was a bit small, but the Scamp fit really well.  Also, just a note, always keep a 50 foot extension cord in your gear when camping.  Sometimes, sites, like this one, have an electrical box that is shared by two different sites and the cord that comes with the Scamp just will not reach.  You can see the electrical box at the end of the picnic table. 

Merrick State Park, WI September 8 - 10

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We finally got back to Merrick State Park in Wisconsin.  We wanted to get back last year, but ended up not having the time.  Also, since I have not posted pictures of the inside lately, I thought I would show examples of the view from our wonderful Scamp.  With the raised bed, large front window, and screen door, our views are wonderful outside the camper.

I also looked at wind generators this weekend as an augmentation to the solar panels.  I found a Coleman unit, but I want to do a little research before purchasing and wiring into the Scamp.  I will post the results once I get to that point.   

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