Scamp Photo Album 2018

Pilot Knob State Park, IA, May 4-6

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Our first is a bit latter than usual this year.  Weather and health issues were not helping this year, but we did get back to Pilot Knob State Park in Iowa again for our first outing. 


Dolliver State Park, IA, May 11-13

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Dolliver State Park in Iowa was our second outing, but I did not get any photos of the Scamp this trip.  I did find this one, and it shows the apparent approval of the sleeping conditions.  Lisa with Sammy crashed after the first night.

Wyalusing State Park, June 29 - July 7

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Our third outing did not happen until the week of July 4th, this year.  Again, life had intervened and we were not as able, or willing, to get out camping this year.  I did make a few changes to the layout of the Scamp inside that seem to help with the fact that I could not sit up for very long periods of time.  I could lay down, or stand up, and changing the couch to a bunk really helped when I wanted to work on the computer.  It also came in handy when I wanted to lay down.  I had plenty of leg room to stretch out, and it became a bed when I was too sore to crawl into the main one.  As you can see, Sammy really liked it too.

Wallace State Park, MO, July 20-22

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In July, we actually managed to get another camping trip in down to Missouri.  We did add an addition to our little camping party, as you can see by the third picture above.  That is Willie, or Wullie as Lisa calls him.  He is a two or three mount old kitten that was found along side the road back home the week after July 4th.  He was in bad shape, and we had to monitor him continually for a week or so, and it turned out that he enjoyed going to work and back with Lisa.  So we tried him out on a camping trip and he seems to like that just as much. 

The last panoramic picture above may seem a little odd, but in the picture you can see a tree that had fallen.  That happened on Saturday as we were relaxing in the camper.  We heard the tree start to crack, then eventually we heard the "WOMP" as it hit the ground.  Thankfully, it fell away from the Scamp.  If it had gone the other way, it would have "cracked the egg" for sure.  

Turkey Valley Campground, Iowa, August 10-12

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In August, we took a short trip to Turkey Valley Campground in Iowa.  We were visiting relatives, and we had the new kitten, that we did not want to expose to some older cats he may have been visiting.  So we took the camper so we could leave him comfortably while we visited with the relatives.  Yes, that is Sammy in the windows watching what I was doing.

Pilot Knob State Park, Iowa, Labor Day Weekend

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We gathered once again with our friends and family for Labor Day Weekend in Pilot Knob State Park.  As you can see, the park was much fuller than when we were here earlier in the year, but there was still room to have a good time.  And the Scamp's ability to fit any campground in any position came in handy once again.

Temperance River State Park, Minnesota, September 22-28

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We were back along the North Shore of Lake Superior at the end of September, for what turned out to be our last camping trip of the year.  Unfortunately, my health issues had not improved, but had gone the other way, so that impacted what we were going to do for fall camping severely.  But we did have a wonderful time on the trip, and as you can see, Willie enjoyed the little excursions as well.   Sammy and Willie have become quite the little buds. 

If you are wondering what the thing is in the last picture, that is a wind turbine that I was trying out.  I was less than impressed by the output, or lack there of, but I am going to see about improving the operation of it in the future.  The three solar panels we had along provided enough charging power to keep the battery and electronics alive for the week trip.  It also helps to have LED bulbs inside instead of the traditional incandescent bulbs. 

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