Scamp Photo Album 2022

New Shady Boy Awning for the Scamp

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I have been thinking about it for a few years, but I had not quite decided if I really wanted to add an awning to the Scamp.  We still have the screen tent for when the bugs get really bad, but I wanted something that was quick and easy to set up for those bug free sunny days of spring and fall.  I found an awning, put out by Shady Boy, that really fit the ticket.  It's small, light weight, easy to set up and take down, and works in most kinds of weather.  It is self supporting by the poles in the awning, but I got the two down poles and ropes that are supposed to secure it a bit more.  They have a couple of different colors, but the only one they still had in stock was the sliver top with the blue bottom.  Otherwise, I would have had to weight a few months since they were behind on production.  But that was okay, because it had the color combo that I wanted.  It was easy to install and the awning itself only weighs about fifty pounds.  

SCA Event - Antique Acres, Janesville, IA April 29 - May 1

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Our first outing of the year was supposed to be Easter weekend, but unfortunately, the weather was not that cooperative.  Instead, we camped at a place in Janesville, IA called Antique Acres for an SCA even that we were hold that weekend.  Did not get to use the new awning since the winds were extremely strong, and we had some good storms.  I did use the space heater again and it keep the inside nice and toasty us, Charlie, and Sammy.  The indoor facilities did not allow pets so they had to remain in the Scamp.

Dolliver State Park, IA May 6 - 8

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We spent Mother's Day weekend at Dolliver State Park in Iowa with members of our family.  It was a wonderfully nice weekend and I got to try out the awning for the first time.  Work really nice until the wind picked up in the afternoon and late evening.  I am working on ideas to give it a bit more stability in stronger winds.  Other than that, I am really impressed with it.

Smithville Lake, MO June 18 - 26

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We spent a week at Smithville Lake while we were attending a regional SCA event nearby.  Both the campground and the event site are Army Corp of Engineer campgrounds and the area surrounds the lake which is a dammed up resevoir.  It gets a little hot and muggy this time every year, so we decided to bring the Scamp instead of the covered wagon that Lisa built years ago.  We had to stay in the modern campground, since they don't allow trailers in the group site, but that was okay.  We had Charlie along and we could use the camper to keep him comfortable during the hot days, and he cannot escape from the Scamp like he would the covered wagon.  Yes, we bring Charlie camping with us all the time now, especially since he has a urinary issue and is on special cat food for the rest of his life unfortunately, but he is a great traveling buddy for us and for Sammy.  Great campground to visit and I look forward to visiting again.

The awning worked wonderful for this trip as well.  I purchased an extra pole and clip for the purposes of rigging an additional tie down for the middle pole.  So far, I have not  had to rig it up as of yet, but I will show what I do when I do it.

Wyalusing State Park, WI July 4th

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For the Forth of July, we returned to Wyalusing State Park in Wisconsin.  While we did not get one of the primo spots overlooking the Mississippi and Wisconsin River valley, the spot we had was very nice.  Plenty of shade, easy pull through site, somewhat of a view of the ravine, and the best of all, quiet. 

We did use the awning again and it worked out really well.  So far, I have not had to use the extra pole and rig it up to the center pole...yet.  But give the weather time to frustrate me with it.

If you have been following these posts at all, you may notice the newer white car that is parked at our site.  Last year, at this time, Lisa's Mini Cooper blew its engine on the way to camp.  That was the last time we were going to deal with that car, so she donated it and found herself her very own Chevy Bolt electric car.  She has been driving it since about February and it has been a really good car for her.  She drove it to camp, about two and a half hours, and still have about ninety miles of range when she arrived at camp.  We are seeing how well charging it at the site works and will evaluate it for future trips.  We will keep you posted.


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