Estes Park and
Rocky Mountain National Park 2011

This year for our June trip, we turned west toward the Rocky Mountains.   We started in Estes Park, Colorado, and drove up through Rocky Mountain National Park.  We then turned south toward Moab, Utah and Arches National Park.  There we took a tour through the Fiery Furnace and enjoyed a rafting trip down the Colorado River.  From Moab, we headed to the Grand Canyon, and after a couple of days there, and after a brief stop at the Four Corners Area, we headed for our final destination, Mesa Verde National Park in southwestern Colorado.  It was a wonderful trip and I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys the national park system.

Estes Park

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As I mentioned before, our first stop was in Estes Park, Colorado.  It's a wonderful little community on the steps of the Rocky Mountains.   We pulled into the KOA a little later than I would have liked, and since we only stayed the night, I didn't get a chance to explore the town.  If you get a chance to visit here, I believe you would find it an interesting stay.

Rocky Mountain National Park

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When we left for Arches that day, we decided to follow the road through Rocky Mountain National Park.  I knew that we were going to be going fairly high, but I did not realize that the road would take us to the highest point of 12,800 feet.  It was interesting to leave the KOA at about 65 or 70 degrees and get out at the Alpine Visitors Center and discovered it was only 45 degrees.  Usually by now, the visitors center would have been open, but with the amount of snow, they had not opened it for the season.  As a matter of fact, the road we took had only been open for a short time.  Seeing that much snow in June is really an interesting experience.

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